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 “The full expression of who you are and how you want to be in the world, which keeps on expanding as it naturally goes through cycles of stability and change.”

(Franklin and Feller)

The Career Conversations experience enables you to..

Identify who you are in terms of your strengths, personal qualities and assets

Clarify how you want to be in the world in terms of your desires, goals and aspirations

While recognising the realities of your current world as it goes through cycles of stability and change.

The Career Conversations experience will benefit…

ANYONE who would value taking time to pause and reflect on their career

"It was insightful as well as fun.  I learnt a lot about myself as well and what I want for my career, even in a short period of time.  One thing I've learned is that  irrespective of where you are in your career, it's critically important to take time out and think about how things are going - and this was a very helpful way to do this. – Charlie

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ANYONE who is curious about their career

“The Career Conversations Experience provided a brilliant opportunity to pause and reflect on my career.  Susan was a thoughtful and generous facilitator – creating a safe space for us to share our thoughts.  I found the exercises thought-provoking and illuminating.  Looking back to my early years, my passions and interests, role models etc was a great way to reconnect with what’s important to me.  This helped when thinking about what next steps I might like to make. Throughout Susan was supportive and encouraging -  challenging us to think about what that might mean for us and how we could implement our learnings.  Thanks Susan! “ – Tracy 

Curious Girl

ANYONE who is seeking clarification on the next step in their career

“I have done a lot of these types of reflective exercises as part of my work life to date, but Susan’s session gave me unique insights and real actionable takeaways that none of the others had. It was great to take some time for me and think about my career. The things I heard from others and the feedback and ideas we shared were so valuable.” - Jennie

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ANYONE who is striving for more work life balance

“What I enjoyed about The Career Conversations Experience was that each participant was encouraged to follow their own direction.  Some of us were very career focused and others thought more about the balance in their lives.  Susan gave each of us the flexibility to explore this further so that the workshop was meaningful for each of us in different ways.   In my line of work I don’t often take the time to reflect, so this was a good opportunity to do just that.”  Eoin 

Working Outside

ANYONE  who, in this socially distanced virtual world, would just like to connect with other like minded people and talk careers.


“I really enjoyed taking the time to do this experience. The sections and questions were really thought-provoking and encouraged me to reflect on things I've not considered before. Sharing my experiences with others and hearing from them in a safe space was so refreshing and really powerful; far more than I anticipated. And the best part is I got all these benefits

and had great fun while doing it! “ Beth

Video Conference

The Career Conversations Experience can also be run in corporate settings with pre assigned groups. Contact me for more information.

 "The Career Conversations Experience is a fantastic opportunity to reassess the path that you are on, no matter what stage you are at, school leaver, mum returning to work or simply looking to change career. Susan will guide you through the process in a relaxed and fun manner. She is quite simply an excellent facilitator and her experience really shines through. I found this process gave me clarity on what action I needed to take. A really enjoyable and useful session. "  Lucy 

So, maybe you are just starting out in your career.  Maybe you are  mid career and thinking of a change.  Or  maybe you are just about to knock up 30 years of the day job and looking for another challenge .  As long as you are interested in your next step forward , you are exactly in the right place here!

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